Play my version here!

Dice Wars is a turn-based board game built by I thought the game was fun but the AI was too weak and the matches became boring. Since they had made a javascript version of the game, I downloaded the source code and modified it to allow multiple types of AI player and tried my hand at creating a better AI. I can still usually beat the one I made, but mine regularly outlasts the original AI so it is a slight improvement. If you play my version, my slightly better AI are the pink, green and lime players.

An example of the game board

If you'd like to try making your own AI for this game, take a look at my GitHub repo for it. It includes instructions to get you started. Let me know if you make any interesting AI!

I hope to eventually add components to make AI creation easier for this game, like playing the AI against eachother quickly so you can analyze the performance of different AI.